Toowoomba Spiritualist Church

What is a Spiritualist?

A spiritualist is one who is certain of the survival of human individuality after physical death has taken place, by the proven fact demonstrated by medium ship in its various forms.

One who knows that under certain conditions those who have passed on can communicate with us, establish their identity and demonstrate that their love and interest in our welfare still continues.

A spiritualist is aware that the Spirit Life is a real life, not a dreamy far away heaven and he knows that spirit influences upon this life is a very real thing.

A spiritualist is one who realises that it is important to live this life wisely, fulfilling the duties and obligations required as a good citizen of the world, basing thought, word and deed upon the broad basis of our seven principles of spiritualism.

The Seven Principles of Spiritualism.

 1 The Fatherhood of God.

 2 The Brotherhood of man.

 3 The communion of spirits and the ministry of angels.

 4 The continuous existence of the human soul.

 5 Personal Responsibility.

 6 Compensation and retribution hereafter for all the good and evil deeds done on earth.

 7 Eternal progress open to every soul.

 Liberty of interpretation is assured to each member.


Minister's Message :

Spiritualism is a way of life that has helped me live my life more fully and filled me with love for mankind and all God's creations. It has shown me that all religions are compatible and that we ought to be living peacefully with one another, respecting each others beliefs and contributing to world peace. Lovingly yours, Rev Dorothy Woodside